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Quantum Boosting AI’s Performance

Artificial intelligence tries to predict future based on current information or to classify data. The heart of an AI is the model which is basically the brain of an AI. Models are the result of learning (aka training) like normal brains have to do. Your brain learns from the information in the form of books, experiences, videos… provided.… Read more » “Quantum Boosting AI’s Performance”


Realizing Quantum Computation

In the last months and years, I have stumbled upon many papers about quantum computing and some of the I have also read, some of them were just to Noble-prizy for me. Some were about the topology of quantum computers, some were about specific algorithms like Shor’s algorithm, some were about having fun with quantum computing, and some about physics (like Landauers Irreversibility and Heat Generation in the Computing Process or Benett’s Logical Reversibility of Computation).… Read more » “Realizing Quantum Computation”


Quantum Proof of Work

Interesting paper on how quantum computing could help to provide a new POW for blockchain. If this is technically feasible is answered with

“Our estimates predict that a noisy superconducting quantum computer with more than 30 qubits would reach the level of a minimal viable quantum advantage and start outperforming in mining a classical computer with a quantum simulator.”.

Read more » “Quantum Proof of Work”

Software development is…

Software development is not language.
Software development is not patterns.
Software development is not IDE.
Software development is not UML.
Software development is not components.
Software development is not cloud.
Software development is not frameworks.
Software development is not agile.
Software development is not Jira.

Software development is more than simply applying tools & methodologies. Software development requires creativity, phantasy, understanding, empathy, tolerance,…