First kitty steps with DALL-E

I am sure that most of the readers know about artificial intelligence. And also about the advances that have been achieved after the long AI winter. And one of the most amazing (from my point of view) was the release of GPT-3 of openai. Absolutely fantastic what the an AI can produce. But, and this is a huge “But”, this is nothing compared to DALL-E, which is basically the an AI-powered arts machine.

DALL·E 2 is a new AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language.

I have got access to the beta version to play around and the results are impressive. The simple UI only asks you for a description of a scene or picture you want to have generated and after a few seconds you are getting four generated images. The prompt requires no specific syntax and allows almost all input in text in English language. That’s it.

Simple User Interface of DALL-E

I have played around a bit and here the results of my first baby steps. One of the first ones, of course related to my favorite topic quantum computing, was Schrödinger’s cat playing with a qubit. Cute, isn’t it? 😸

A cat playing with a qubit

And cat lovers know that cats can become grumpy. Especially if you wake them up and put them in an UFO. 😆

Grumpy cat in an UFO

But as long as you give a cat what a cat wants, cats are relaxed. A nice, dry warm place in the sun is probably the most dearly beloved place of a cat.

Cat with sun glass on an air mattress

Cat with sun glass on an air mattress

What could probably go wrong if a dog and a cat have to share a mattress? 🤔

Dog and cat share a mattress

Nothing. Dogs and cats love each other. 😄

Dog and cat

But the results are sometimes surprising. What is this cute animal wearing around the neck? Is it preparing for a party? Dressing up for a big event? Or is it preparing for carnival and trying on a costume of an Australian frilled lizard?

An animal dressing up

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