Privacy and Secrecy is not written in CAPITAL LETTERS everywhere

Privacy and #Secrecy is not written in CAPITAL LETTERS everywhere. It makes me think a bit (no, actually quite a bit) when an online bank transfer to an Austrian authority uses the social security number plus date of birth as payment reference. 😱

Yes sure it’s easy and simple for identification, but this payment reference now goes from my bank to the destination bank and with maybe some manual clearings in between. And then this very private information probably still shows up in places or is accessible to people who don’t even need this very private information.

Where the problem is? 🤨 Well, full name + address (found in Google) + social security number + date of birth is often enough to cause more than enough mischief. #identitytheft is just one of them.

What would be the correct solution? 🤔 Generate a unique & preferably one-time key and use that instead of my social security number plus date of birth.

Sorry Austria, but this way digitalization won’t work at all.

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