Quantum technology… base camp

The previous article gave you a first glimpse of the world of quantum podcasts. But we are still in the phase of getting started and you haven’t even left the base camp of the journey. There are many more podcasts and here are some more hand-curated sources of knowledge. I hope you enjoy the podcasts as much as I do. 👏

Quantum Tech Pod

The Quantum Tech Pod by Chris Bishop has a diverse list of guests with huge expertise in quantum technology. And I really mean diverse! Diverse like a former homicide detective in episode 24, Chad Rigetti as founder & CEO at Rigetti, or Sam Mugel explaining why Multiverse Computing is called Multiverse Computing, or great speakers like whurley, founder & CEO @strangeworks. And best of all, Chris always adds a personal touch to each episode, which makes it even more entertaining.

Inside Quantum Technology is the first company to be dedicated to meeting the strategic information and analysis needs of the emerging quantum technology sector.

Link: https://www.insidequantumtechnology.com/news/podcast/

Quantum AI Institute

Maëva Ghonda interviews innovators, CEOs, founders, physicists… and the podcast is actually one of the youngest, but since episodes are published regularly it is already in its third season. You shouldn’t miss this one out if you want to get some exclusive interviews.

The Quantum AI Series features exclusive interviews of the global innovators shaping the future of Quantum Computing.

Link: https://anchor.fm/quantumaiinstitute/

meet the meQuanics – Quantum Computing Discussions

This podcast is hosted by different people mostly(?) affiliated to the UTS Centre for Quantum Software and Information and some hosts are well-known. Speakers and hosts have usually an academic background and offers you a complementary wisdom, but you will also find investors, corporations, start-ups, and academics discussing the current state and future of quantum computing.

meet the meQuanics is a regular podcast discussing the developments in quantum technologies. Targeted at the lay person, we will discuss the state of the art research in quantum enabled technologies with experts worldwide.

The podcast came onto my podcatcher after Chris Ferrie mentioned it once. Chris is maybe also known for his book Quantum Entanglement for Babies.

IEEE Quantum

The last podcast for now is hosted by Maëva Ghonda. She is hosting this podcast and the quality of this podcast will meet your expectations as of any IEEE content. You won’t be disappointed. And you shouldn’t miss out to visit the web page IEEE Quantum, since there is huge content available and recordings of past events about quantum technology.

Covering topics from quantum engineering to benchmarking, standardization, industry trends, and more, we provide you with access to the industry’s best of the best.

Link: https://quantum.ieee.org/podcasts

Stay tuned…

We still haven’t moved on to the next camp and so, stay tuned. For the next time, I have prepared for more visual content for you.

And any feedback is always more than welcome.

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