The quantum ascent is ahead!

We have left the base camp with great content (part 1 and part 2) in our backpack and have marched along the creek. Effortless it was. Thanks to our great preparation (preparation is everything, isn’t it?) we arrived at our first camp. 🏕 Now we will take some rest, before the first part of the steep climb 🧗. Let’s sit down next to our cozy campfire, put the legs up and watch some videos. 📺

Quantum London

Quantum London – exploring the business impacts of #quantumtechnologies including #quantumcomputing.

Quantum London was initially a meetup in London, but “thanks” to Corona the format has changed to online sessions. Maybe this is one of the positive side-effects of Corona. The latest series is about “Quantum Computing in Finance” and in this area the power of QC shouldn’t be underestimated. Don’t forget to follow Quantum London on LinkedIn or on meetup to get the latest updates.


Institute for Quantum Computing

This was maybe the first YouTube channel about Quantum and has videos dating back more then a decade. Videos range from research and practical applications of quantum computer to finally arrive at Harry Potter 🧙, from short flicks to hour-long presentation by John Preskill. A never-ending source of content!

The core areas of research at IQC include quantum computing, quantum cryptography, quantum materials and quantum sensing.


And set a reminder for the May 17th, if you want to see Nicole Yunger Halpern, author of the great book “Quantum Steampunk”. 📚

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Valorem’s QuBites

Rene Schulte‘s series about quantum technology is already in its 5th season and he interviews people from various backgrounds. His QuBites are short episodes of 15 minutes, and covers a topic in this short time. An amazing and refreshing format.


And for German-speaking audience you see the full enthusiasm of Rene about this topic in this interview of him.

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