Software development is…

Software development is not language.
Software development is not patterns.
Software development is not IDE.
Software development is not UML.
Software development is not components.
Software development is not cloud.
Software development is not frameworks.
Software development is not agile.
Software development is not Jira.

Software development is more than simply applying tools & methodologies. Software development requires creativity, phantasy, understanding, empathy, tolerance,…


The Austrian Way – #failfast and #failalways

If I needed a title for a book about #digitization #transformation or the state of #IT in general, this would probably be it. #fail 🫣

There would be enough content for it, after all. If you limit yourself to Austria, it’s enough. Martin Leyrer summarized the last 10 years or so very entertainingly in his talk at the Grazer Linuxtage 2022.… Read more » “The Austrian Way – #failfast and #failalways”


Privacy and Secrecy is not written in CAPITAL LETTERS everywhere

Privacy and #Secrecy is not written in CAPITAL LETTERS everywhere. It makes me think a bit (no, actually quite a bit) when an online bank transfer to an Austrian authority uses the social security number plus date of birth as payment reference. 😱

Yes sure it’s easy and simple for identification, but this payment reference now goes from my bank to the destination bank and with maybe some manual clearings in between.… Read more » “Privacy and Secrecy is not written in CAPITAL LETTERS everywhere”


First kitty steps with DALL-E

I am sure that most of the readers know about artificial intelligence. And also about the advances that have been achieved after the long AI winter. And one of the most amazing (from my point of view) was the release of GPT-3 of openai. Absolutely fantastic what the an AI can produce. But, and this is a huge “But”, this is nothing compared to DALL-E, which is basically the an AI-powered arts machine.… Read more » “First kitty steps with DALL-E”


Google’s quantum supremacy debunked?

“As explained by Science, to replicate the performance of Sycamore, the scientists first had to reconfigure the problem as a 3D mathematical array called a tensor network. This meant they could use the system’s GPUs to perform calculations in parallel.

The low level of accuracy of Sycamore’s computation gave the Chinese team additional room for manoeuvre.… Read more » “Google’s quantum supremacy debunked?”