Realizing Quantum Computation

In the last months and years, I have stumbled upon many papers about quantum computing and some of the I have also read, some of them were just to Noble-prizy for me. Some were about the topology of quantum computers, some were about specific algorithms like Shor’s algorithm, some were about having fun with quantum computing, and some about physics (like Landauers Irreversibility and Heat Generation in the Computing Process or Benett’s Logical Reversibility of Computation).… Read more » “Realizing Quantum Computation”


Land of confusion

Genesis was visionary, even more then Nostradamus. In 1986 they were already singing about the the current state of IT. IT, the land of confusion.

There’s too many men, too many people
Making too many problems
And there’s not much love to go around
Can’t you see this is the land of confusion?


And at the same time they are singing about the need for a business analyst or a guide who helps them 😍 and saves the world.… Read more » “Land of confusion”


Software development is…

Software development is not language.
Software development is not patterns.
Software development is not IDE.
Software development is not UML.
Software development is not components.
Software development is not cloud.
Software development is not frameworks.
Software development is not agile.
Software development is not Jira.

Software development is more than simply applying tools & methodologies. Software development requires creativity, phantasy, understanding, empathy, tolerance,…


The Austrian Way – #failfast and #failalways

If I needed a title for a book about #digitization #transformation or the state of #IT in general, this would probably be it. #fail 🫣

There would be enough content for it, after all. If you limit yourself to Austria, it’s enough. Martin Leyrer summarized the last 10 years or so very entertainingly in his talk at the Grazer Linuxtage 2022.… Read more » “The Austrian Way – #failfast and #failalways”