Application Scenarios for the Quantum Internet

Are you aware of the applicability of #quantumtechnology to #internet and #networking⁉️ “The Quantum Internet has the potential to improve application functionality by incorporating quantum information technology into the infrastructure of the overall Internet.”

IETF and Chonggang Wang, IEEE Fellow, Akbar Rahman, Ruidong Li, Melchior Aelmans, Kaushik Chakraborty collected many use-cases and where #quantuminternet can improve existing applications or solve problems that were unsolvable so far.… Read more » “Application Scenarios for the Quantum Internet”



As a good dish is not the result of one ingredient, a good software is not the result of one person. Therefore: respect the ingredients #respect

respect the business
respect the developers
respect the architects
respect the call center
respect the user
respect the tester
respect the data
respect the red team
respect the sponsors
respect the product owner
respect the ops guys
respect the data engineer
respect the business analyst
respect the marketing
respect the controller
respect to you
respect to anyone